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About Potencium

2019 UCLA Extension

Custom Programs and Corporate Education Distinguished Instructors Award Recipient

Have you ever felt like you weren't achieving your full potential?

Potencium emerged when its found, Johanna Hollowich, decided to focus on the "human communication" in the workplace.  This crucial aspect of business is often overlooked and underestimated by many corporate companies.

And with that - Potencium was born in 2001, creating a bold new word for a bold new company.  Potencium cannot be found in any dictionary.  It was created to describe the development of the potential to change behaviors, gain knowledge, and develop skills and techniques.

Johanna Hollowich, UCLA Award Recipient
UCLA Extension Award Recipient, Johanna Hollowich
Johanna Hollowich - Trainer and Coach

Meet Johanna Hollowich
Executive Training and Coaching Consultant

Johanna Hollowich, the Founder and CEO of Potencium specializes in global communication, leadership and professional development. A native of England, Johanna now splits her time between Los Angeles and London. 

Johanna has over 30 years of training and consulting experience. She has a master's degree in Adult Learning and Education from the City University (London), with a focus on training intervention techniques, group dynamics, coaching and management development.

Prior to forming Potencium, Johanna was a senior consultant for Canning International UK (a cross-cultural consultancy) and Rostrum Pharmaceutical Training, a division of MDS Pharma Services UK (a major international clinical research organization).


Johanna draws from a broad range of disciplines, including: organizational development, cross-cultural communication and positive psychology. Much of her work involves synthesizing research and translating the principles into practical strategies for optimizing individual and organizational performance.

AKA - The Respected Talent

"My passion for learning goes far beyond researching topics and designing online and face-to-face training.  It's an opportunity to find different ways to capture an audience from beginning to end.  I'd like to say, my training courses are like films - I'm the writer, director and lead actress all wrapped into one."

Potencium's Clients Include

Abbott Laboratories

Almirall S.A.

Amgen, Inc.

Bayer Corporation

Beachbody, LLC

The Boeing Company

Chugai Pharma

Dole Food Company

Eli Lilly and Company

General Motors Corporation

Janssen Pharmaceutica NV


Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

The Manitowoc Crane Company, Inc.

Orion Pharma

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Novartis AG

Novo Nordisk A/S

SAE International

Symantec Corporation

UCB S.A, Belgium

Universal Silencer, LLC

University of California, Los Angeles

University of Helsinki

University of Kuopio  

University of Wisconsin – Madison


The Walt Disney Company

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