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Potencium - Communcatin Excellene For Your Business

Communication Excellence For Your Business

Providing expertise in global leadership training and consulting

Why Potencium?

Why Potencium?

Your professional and personal development is our mission

You'll gain the communication knowledge and insights you need for your business

Our passion is to provide innovative training that focuses on the power of communication

The strategies and skills you learn can be used straight away

We specialize in customized training and consulting services

Your communication is the power that sets you and your organization apart

Leadership Training
Our Approach at Potencum

Our Approach

Potencium taps into your potential and emboldens you with new knowledge and skills.

Our virtual training programs provide you with the tools and frameworks to lead during today's disruptive and quickly changing times.

We provide the expertise in high-performance communication to inspire your teams to transform ideas and behaviors within your organization.

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Los Angeles Office Phone Number      +1-949-370-8481

​London Office Phone Number      +44-207-286-7553

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A.S., Start up Company (France)

I want to thank you for all your help with executive coaching.  I managed to find my inner voice and become the extroverted voice when needed.


A.M.P., AT&T

Johanna is amazing! The techniques presented in the Managing sensitive  and critial situation course help not only  what is going on but also framing it in a way you can address a solution effectively.

A.R., Univision Communications, Inc. (USA)

The way you conduct the class is remarkable.  I feel fortunate that I was able to take this class.  The amount of information you prepared is precisely right for the audience. 

B.C., General Motors (USA)

This is a very worthwhile course, and the web-based format really helps to set the appropriate mindset for working on distributed teams.

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